Wells Golf Club

Entrant List for MIXED OPEN 4BBB

68 players have been signed up for this competition as of 8:35 PM Sunday 16th May

Binny Blackburn ()
Trevor Blackburn ()
Mike Bowdery ()
Elizabeth Bryant ()
Fiona Carpenter ()
Roger Carpenter ()
Diana Castle (Rushmore Golf Club)
Graham Castle (Rushmore Golf Club)
Pat cattle ()
Peter Cherry (13.2)
Veronica Cherry (19.8)
Tina Davies (16.0)
Ian Day (Rushmore Golf Club)
Linda Day (Rushmore Golf Club)
Geoffrey Ead (23.7)
Jennifer Ead (35.5)
vincent f ford ()
Philippa Gowen (15.7)
James Griffiths ()
Paul Griffiths (Mendip Golf Club)
Paul Griffiths (Mendip Golf Club)
Susan Griffiths ()
Adam Griggs (West Wilts Golf Club)
Phil Hodge (Enmore Park Golf Club)
John Humphrey ()
Barry Keys (19.1)
Erica Klim ()
Catherine Levell (18.7)
Bryan John Lewis (Mendip Golf Club)
Godfrey Lewis (Rushmore Golf Club)
Guy Lowton (Rushmore Golf Club)
Jane Lowton (Rushmore Golf Club)
Ian Ludford ()
Janet Ludford ()
Stuart Mann (17.5)
Benita Mather ()
William Mather ()
Bill McCollum (11.3)
Sally Meek ()
Mike Metcalfe ()
Sue morrell-weatherill ()
Annie Noble (Rushmore Golf Club)
Penelope Oliver (Mendip Golf Club)
Kevin Parker ()
Terina Parker ()
Eileen Parnell ()
Molly pavey ()
Diane Ramsay (28.5)
Peter Ramsay (17.3)
Marion Ritchie ()
Stuart Ritchie ()
Anne Elliot Rose ()
Denise Shurmer ()
Michael Simmonds ()
Andrew Skinner ()
Serena Skinner ()
Glynis Slater (13.1)
Phillip Slater (15.0)
David Smith (Nelson Golf Club)
Linda Smith (Nelson Golf Club)
Joan Stembridge (32.7)
John Stembridge (Mendip Golf Club)
Kay Taylor ()
Phil Taylor ()
DOUGLAS THOM (Bude & North Cornwall Golf Club)
GLENISTER THOM (Bude & North Cornwall Golf Club)
Elizabeth Ward (Honiton Golf Club)
John WARD (Honiton Golf Club)


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