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Situated in the heart of Somerset...

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November 2023 Diary of Events
Wednesday 1st
Ladies Winter Foursomes Knockout Begins
Ladies Winter Eclectic 2023-2024
Wednesday Evening Special Night
Thursday 2nd
WIG Ladies Times
Friday 3rd   
Saturday 4th   
Sunday 5th   
Monday 6th
Seniors Winter Foursomes Knockout Begins
07:30 - 12:00
Kitchen Closed until 12 noon due to service engineer Clubhouse
08:00 - 10:40
Seniors November Stableford (Y)
Tuesday 7th09:40 - 09:56
Ladies Times
Wednesday 8th
Wednesday Evening Special Night
Thursday 9th11:00 - 11:00
WIG Ladies Times
Friday 10th   
Saturday 11th07:50 - 12:30
Men's 3 Clubs & Putter Bowmaker
Sunday 12th   
Monday 13th
Neil Price Golf Society Golf Day - Cancelled
18:45 - 22:00
Seniors' Dinner & Prize GivingClubhouse
Tuesday 14th09:32 - 09:56
Ladies Times
Wednesday 15th
Wednesday Evening Special Night
Thursday 16th11:00 - 11:08
WIG Ladies Times
Friday 17th09:30
Board Meeting
Saturday 18th   
Sunday 19th   
Monday 20th09:00 - 12:30
Alarm Systems being testedClubhouse, Greenkeepers, Pro Shop
Tuesday 21st09:40 - 10:20
Ladies Times
Wednesday 22nd
Wednesday Evening Special Night
Thursday 23rd07:50 - 10:50
Seniors 3 Ball Bowmaker
11:16 - 11:40
WIG Ladies Times
Friday 24th   
Saturday 25th09:32 - 13:56
Club Presentation Shotgun
Sunday 26th   
Monday 27th   
Tuesday 28th09:40 - 10:28
Ladies Times
Wednesday 29th   
Thursday 30th11:00 - 11:24
WIG Ladies Times
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